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Classics In The Park

Classics In The Park
 by: Dave Wilcox

The Classics in the park show was on last Sunday, 19th February 2005. The show was great and, as usual, I took my camera.

Classics in the park took place at Perry Lakes, Floreat. It was a great location for the event. The area reserved for the show had a playground for the kids, amenities and some food n drink stalls. It was a grassed area with plenty of trees. The trees provided a lot of shade which help keep the temperature down and the sunburn away.

There was your standard mix of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maseratti, Lotus and Jaguars. There were also some great old rides like a Clement, Alfonso XIII and the Napier L48. The Napier L48 was the first British car to reach 100 mph. It's top speed was clocked at 209 kph. Not bad considering that that was 100 years ago.

For those of you from the "there's no replacement for displacement" school of thought the Napier L48 had a 15lt donk producing 190bhp @ around 2200 rpm.

I've also added some higher res pictures. High for my camera at least. They are 1800 x 1200. They are around 800KB.

The URL of the gallery is:

About The Author

Dave Wilcox is an hobbyist photographer with a focus on car shows. Living in Perth, Western Australia he has taken over 2000 photos at local car shows in the last few years.

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