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Aluminum Flame Surface for BMW X4

Aluminum Flame Surface for BMW X4
 by: Jenny McLane

A new chapter in vehicle design and dramatically different from anything BMW has ever created, BMW has introduced the term 'Flame Surfacing' to describe the X4's styling technology.

According to BMW, the technique is called Flame Surface because it is "reminiscent of the forms of energetic flames, such as those from the burning of gas under pressure". Flame Surfacing "gives body surfaces the freedom to turn in on themselves, lending a high degree of visual tension...a controlled tension whose energy pervades the entire visual image without in any way diminishing the vehicle's overall harmony.

Another innovation is the brake lights, carried in the dual rear lighting clusters under glass covers. The brake lights indicate how hard the X4 coupe's driver is braking. Electronic sensors detect the rate of deceleration.

>From the extended taillight line, virtually the entire rear section opens and tilts rearward, revealing the cargo space and rear seats. The hatch includes the entire rear window, creating an immense opening that makes loading cargo and entering/exiting the rear seats very convenient.

The X4 is powered by BMW's latest three-liter, six-cylinder engine with common-rail direct fuel injection. The engine develops 184 hp, but it has been enhanced with extra torque for the X4.

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