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All About Car Shows: How To Plan In Phases

All About Car Shows: How To Plan In Phases
 by: Tonza Borden

Rome was not built in a day and your car show won'?t be either. You have to plan your event in phases and execute it in phases. What does that mean? Write everything you want in outline format. Designate a completion date for each item of responsibility. For example, you need to contact car clubs to display vintage cars well in advance of the show date. This becomes your time-line.

When the show day arrives, it will be easier to execute the plan because it was projected in phases. Another example, if you have five teams, divide the project outline among them. Each team will be responsible for its section and meeting the time-line.

Although you are planning your car show to be executed in phases, it is critical to have contingencies in place. In other words: a backup plan to allow for worst-case scenarios such as someone dropping the ball or an unreliable vendor. This does not mean you need to worry about every little negative thing or plan for the worst.

No one can plan for the unknown but when things don'?t go as planned, roll with it because it'?s show time'?and it is a beautiful thing when a plan comes together. Expect a GREAT car show!

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