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Welcome to the Body Shop Spot! You may find our site handy if you have been in an accident and need body repair done to your vehicle. Or maybe you just want to add a little flare to your ride. That's where our Car Bras come in to protect your cars front end. Our goal is to help you protect you car and find an auto body shop near you. We have also thrown together some resources to help you find the right body shop for your vehicle. Whether you need body work because of an accident or you just want to personalize your vehicle, finding the right place is important. We are here to help. Our site also offers you many resources like articles, magazines, mechanic listings, news and more. We have included articles on car shows, why you should have accident photos, how insurance rates are determined and many, many other topics. Our bodyshop directory includes listings in all 50 states. These listings are categorized by state then city to make it easy for you to find a shop new you. Our mechanic listings are categorized in this way as well. Just point, click and pick one near you! We have also included a books section. These books include shop manuals and more.

Truck Stop Cargo Bar

  • Helps keep cargo in place
  • Fits pickup trucks, minivans and SUVs
  • Adjusts from 48 in. to 75 in.
  • Easy installation, without tools
  • Heavy steel construction
  • Black textured finish
Truck Stop Cargo Bar

Truck Stop Cargo Bar & Net

  • Helps keep cargo in place
  • Fits pickup trucks, minivans and SUVs
  • Adjusts from 48 in. to 75 in.
  • Cargo bar and net included
  • Stretchable net accommodates various objects
Truck Stop Cargo Net


Gas Saving Car Care Tips: We all know that having a regularly serviced and tuned car leads to savings on gas with enhanced fuel economy but what many fail to realize is they can help save on gas and money by performing a few, simple and easy car care steps themselves.

Tighten Up the Gas Cap: Every time we fill up at the pump we slap the gas cap back on and give it a turn usually until we hear the "click" and then forget about it. Make sure you have the cap on firmly and tightly so it as airtight as you can make it without threading the plastic cap itself. The reason is simple, gas evaporates quickly, and even a slight failure to provide an airtight seal with your gas cap will result in wasted gas and wasted money. Screw the cap on firmly and tightly and check it every day.

Don't Top Off the Tank: Many people do this when they are at the gas pump the nozzle clicks off but they insist on putting in the last few drops of gas to get the tank literally full to the brim. This is a complete waste of gas as most of it will slop over the side, running down the paintwork helping cause discoloration and damage. It can also get all over your hands which is dangerous and no good for them. When the gas pump nozzle clicks off, you are safely full, put the gas nozzle back in its holder and do not top off your tank.

Use Lower Octane Fuel: Every gas station has higher octane fuels offering better engine and car performance or less wear and tear on the engine. This is a myth  ignore these claims and fill up with the cheaper lower octane fuels; unless you have a very high performance vehicle you will never experience any material difference in performance or engine wear. For the average motorist, purchasing high octane fuel is a waste of money.

Park in the Shade: Many drivers do this automatically because do not want to sit on hot leather and do not like coming back to a vehicle that feels like a sauna. However, there is another good reason for making sure you park your vehicle in a shaded area. The hotter the car is the faster the gas in your fuel tank will evaporate! Always park in shade; this will keep the vehicle cooler which will lead to more comfort for you and your passengers as well as less strain on your wallet. If you don't have shady areas or can't find one, you can always use a car cover with a high UV resistance. DuPont Tyvek car cover for example is the best sunproof cover we offer. Made of high quality DuPont Tyvek, this will can keep your vehicle up to 30 degrees cooler in the hot sun. The Car Cover also has very good UV protection and will protect against harsh weather.

Use Your Garage: Parking the car in the garage helps keep the vehicle cool in summer and warm in winter. This helps reduce your use of the gas chugging air conditioner or defroster and results in less gas consumption as well as enhanced security for your vehicle. Not to mention, parking your car in a garage provides protection against dings and dents caused by the neighborhood kids playing ball nearby. If you are concerned about dust accumulating on your vehicle, we recommend a car cover with good dust protection, like The Premium or Supreme. As you can see, these gas saving tips are all very simple and easy to accomplish and the savings will be immediate.

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